Just looking to make pretty things, create joyful
memories, and spread happiness. 

Hiya , I'm JESS

I am a New Jersey native now living in rural Pennsylvania. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts, with a minor in Business and I am working towards completing a Master of Arts in Elementary and Special Education.

I have worked for national and global publications. Once I began my own design studio, HELLO KALI,  I started freelance jobs from clients like Sephora, Elizabeth & James, Nordstrom, and BRIDES Magazine.

I live on a lake with my cutie of a husband, Chris and my sweet yellow lab, Toby. 

my inspiration

The Paula + Poncho collection is inspired by my mom – a sweet lady who had a little, grumpy poodle…Poncho.

This collection is based off of my mom’s personality: cute, funny, sassy and a tad bit cheesy. Paula was a creative; a self-taught cake decorator, a school play costume designer, and a phenomenal event planner. She could do it all, and she DID it all with two kids, a stressful full-time job, a husband and…Poncho.

Poncho was Paula’s mini poodle mix; and although Paula adored him, he made it pretty hard for anyone else to like him. He would escape, taunt, and he lived by his own set of rules. But he had Paula’s love – and that was all he needed.

This collection, inspired by my mom, is meant to do exactly what she did: lift people up, make them laugh, and spread an awful lot of happiness to whoever is around (even the Ponchos).

Those of us who were lucky enough to know my mom can only think of her and smile. We hope this collection does the same for you.

50% of all the proceeds from the Paula + Poncho collection will go to charities that help homeless children, a cause that was dear to Paula’s heart.


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